Pool Chemicals

Make your pool sparkle, with our Dazzle products! 


Paradise Pools is now one of the exlusive providers of top of the line pool chemical brand, Dazzle! Whether your pool is full of algae, or you want to make your pool crystal clear and sanitized for the enjoyment and health of your family, Dazzle is the right brand for you. 

We provide the best acting shock treatments, strongest algaecides, pool cleaning chemicals, water balancing chemicals, stain removers, stabilizers and the strongest filter cleaners. Our water tests provide our customers with exactly how much of each chemical to add, and in which manner to do so. 

Dazzle makes taking care of your pool quick and simple, with maximum efficacy. Dazzle guarantees every customer will be satisfied, and we are proud to provide Dazzle to all of our customers.