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Chemical Delivery

If you just don't have time to come to us, we are more than happy to come to you.

We can deliver your pool or hot tub chemicals to your home. We also provide a complimeentary poolside water test at time of delivery.

To order simple call or e-mail us your order at:

519-750-1222 or

Save Time, Save Fuel, Save Money!

Call in for details.

 Opening and Closing Pools

A typical pool opening consists of:

  • Removal of water and debirs from your winter cover
  • Cleaning of the winter cover
  • Folding of winter cover and storage of waterbags
  • installing all fittings
  • Reinstalling deck equipment
  • Hooking up pump filter and equipment (excluding heaters)
  • If water level is high enough, we will start the pump
  • Replacement of salt cell cartridges (if required)

A typical pool closing consists of:

  • draining of pool below returns
  • addition of closing chemicals (extra charge)
  • disconnecting pool equipment
  • blowing out the pool lines (Protects pipes for the winter)
  • installation of the winter cover 

Weekly and Holiday Maintenance

(available weekly, bi-weekly, twice weekly, or monthly)

Let us help you enjoy your pool with our maintenance program . 

Maintenance Services include:

  • poolside water tests
  • pool vacuuming
  • weekly chemicals
  • system inspections
  • salt cell cleaning (if required)
  • filter cleaning (if requireed)

Repairs & Services:

  • leaky pipes 
  • clogged skimmers 
  • lights
  • installing salt chlorinators 
  • installation of safety covers
  • liner replacements
  • pressure tests

Visit our store or call for details on any of your repair or service needs.