Hydropool Hot Tubs - Enhancing Life

With Hydropool Hot Tubs you can experience the benefits of hydrotherapy in the comfort of your own home.

Who is Hydropool?

Hydropool Hot Tubs originated in 1970 as a commercial swimming pool company and in 1978 became one of the first hot tub retailers in North America. Initially, Hydropool purchased hot tub shells from a local manufacturer, plumbed and assembled them in house. By 1980, Hydropool began manufacturing their own hot tubs in Toronto, Canada which are hand crafted by experienced designers and the rest is history. Paradise Pools  is proud to offer to their customers the high quality hot tubs that Hydropool manufactures.

Why Choose a Hot Tub from Hydropool?

The Hydropool hot tubs offer a feeling like no other. With their ergonomic design  and customizable therapies, you can tailor your hot tub experience to your exact needs. Some of the best-loved features of Hydropools our hot tubs include:

  • Self cleaning hot tubs that clean all of the water in the tub every 15 minutes.
  • Extreme therapy seats that are fully adjustable and offer a relaxing, full-body massage.
  • Serenity tubs with a variety of seats and loungers, along with extra large foot wells to ensure everyone is completely comfortable.
  • Versa massage jets that adjust from gentle massage to an invigorating pulse that relieves body and muscle aches.
  • A Double Thermal Shield Insulation system that meets the stringent standards of the California Energy Commission, making Hydropool hot tubs the most energy-efficient in the world.

Hydropool Hot Tubs Experience Speaks for Itself

Hydropool has made it their goal to be the best manufacturer of     hot tubs in the world.

To ensure they reach this goal, they surround ourselves with the best people. Every member of Hydropool’s  team is dedicated to excellence. As a company, they listen and respond to the feedback of customers who provide them with valuable ideas.

At Paradise Pools we listen to your needs and help you select the best product for your lifestyle and budget.

Let Us Help You Choose The Right Model for Your Family